August 2013 Game:"Repstar's Paparazzi Shake"

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Repstar's Paparazzi Shake 3d Pop Star Theme arcade game. Repstar's Paparazzi Shake game is original and still in development. The current version is of beta. If you have suggestions for improvement or comments please comment in the blog.

Repstar's Paparazzi Shake - WebGL Browser Version Play Now and Pass it On!  a version optimized for your device:
WebGL Browser: Play Repstars Paparazzi Shake 3D with WebGl (Chrome, Forefox, IE 11)

PC: Repstars Paparazzi Shake 3D for Windows (.exe zipped)

Android Device: Repstar's Paparazzi Shake 3D for Android 2.2+ (APK)

MAC: Repstar;s Paparazzi Shake 3D for MAC (app folder zipped)

"Repstar's Paparazzi Shake" Game Play & Objective:

Repstar is the ultimate superstar bodyguard with his awesome evasive driving, super-reptilian fighting and killer dance moves. Help guide Repstar to follow and protect his client pop star; Marla Gaze.
The game starts with Marla Gaze completing her latest music video and being mobbed by the press and paparazzi photographers. Clicking the splash banner advances the dance scene animation to the first mission, otherwise after Marla performs her stage struts she will enter the limo before she needs Repstar's protection. The first mission puts Repstar on his motorcycle with just enough time to catch up with Marla's Limo. When found, tail the limo and keep the Cyber 1 Media Newstruck away from the Limo. If Cyber 1 News succeeds in stopping the limo and attracting Marla's attention - its time to get physical with those pesky Paparazzi. Block the paparazzi attempts to capture photo snapshots by engaging (shooting) them with the green flash (light balls). The green flash prevents the digital cameras of the paparazzi from successfully snapping unauthorized photos of Marla. If the paparazzi succeed, Marla's image may be splashed all over the tabloids and also damaging the Repstar's reputation. Do not let this happen! While the objective of the first mission repeats at the conclusion, the amount of time to complete the mission will vary. Additional mission objectives are in development and will be added soon